Smiling Roti

This is about one of our essential ingredient of our food which if gets missed out makes it feel incomplete .

Remember your childhood and you might flash back an instance into your mind where your mother would give you sugar sprinkled ghee coated roll and you would munch it with great pleasure and would often ask for another one if hungry. Take another instance of yourself as a child with your mother in the kitchen and your mom kneading dough to get it prepared so that you have a good food which fills up your tummy.

By now most of you must have guessed what I am talking about;yes you are right I am talking about Roti aka Chapati or Tortillas they are said to be the rulers of indian cooking as with out having the bite of them the feels gets incomplete and our tummy might curse them for not having one,comes from the family of wheat these are of various shapes and depends on what persons needs and how it goes well with particular dish;now when we have guessed it right why shouldnt we talk about them and what they go through so I have compiled a gruelling story about one.

It was a fine sunday with breeze making it feel like chilly winter days and after morning breakfast at mess by students my counterpart Poori was consumed with much pomp along with his mate Sabzi accompanied by lovely tea as  scheduled by the Mess Incharge.After the students were done with breakfast the whole dining area was to be cleaned by the staff meanwhile dining Incharge took me out of huge fridge where I took shelter in an enclosed vessel it was an air-tight kind so I was not affected by the temperature outside and was quite warm and lazy strangled myself into it as a python does when in danger and yet I could sense the danger as well,I was to be rolled down by my master who was skilled one and with less pain would cut me down into small rolls. He was about to cut me down and roll over when he receives instruction from his incharge that prepare some dumplings out of me as there are kids who are tired after day’s play at field and have skipped their meals so i was to be prepared for them as a refreshment for them,which I was used to daily but today I was lazy i didnt want to present myself to them but did not had freedom but to surrender to my master wish and did.I was cut and rolled down into pieces and then on a huge pan burnt myself on the edges first and then the whole soul just to give them the taste which co relates with the food;my soul was crying and my heart was burnt but I was smiling with those tears in the eyes which looked like a diamond from a distance but were illusions of my eyes but then I was off the burner and into the plate my body severly hot but there was something unique” I was Smiling”.

That day I learnt a lesson that we may be abstract today but we do have a soul of ourself which curse us each time we burn for you to give you the taste and you humans in turn waste us by throwing us when in excess;instead give it to one who may feed himself and satisfy his hunger. So I was presented infront of the kids who were shell tired and needed something to recuperate the loss of energy they had and then one of the kid saw me smiling and everyone left their food just to snap me and I was happy soul and lost myself into those snaps as I learnt the art of giving that day and I was gutted down and rested in peace.

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